Angel and Halo were surrendered to the North Carolina shelter together and they were going to find a new home no matter what.
cat and guinea pig pair
Credit: Courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control in North Carolina

It's a happy ending for this highly unlikely pair. Meet Angel and Halo, a 4-year-old shelter cat and her best bud who happens to be a guinea pig! Friendships really do come in all shapes and sizes.

So, it's no big surprise that this rare relationship attracted the attention of animal lovers everywhere. A video of the precious pair that Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control posted on Facebook generated more than 1,700 likes and 560 shares in early October. Fans from Alabama to Pennsylvania commented on the best buddies, asking about adoption information.

Humane Education Officer Julie Conner tells Daily Paws that Angel and Halo were surrendered to the Charlotte, N.C., shelter because their owner was experiencing changes in their life that meant they couldn't care for the pets anymore. Their final request: Adopt Angel and Halo out together because of their special bond.

"We were told they snuggle at night and could be seen hanging out nose-to-nose," Conner says. Ummm, cutest mental picture ever!

Although Conner only saw them "nose-to-nose" a couple of times, the pair's interactions proved the bond was very real. Angel was having a hard time adjusting to shelter-life, which is not uncommon. Conner witnessed sweet bestie Halo sense Angel's uneasiness and "go to her and assure her that things would be OK."

We're no stranger to extremely close sibling animal pairs, but a cat and guinea pig? On its face, that relationship might not end well for the guinea pig. But the love between these two was undeniable, especially to Conner. And she knew, ultimately, they just had to stay together!

The stars aligned for this heavenly pair and on Oct. 9, a mom and son visited the shelter looking for them. After locating Angel and Halo's roomy cage, Conner says they kept watch over the adorable duo before deciding adoption was for them. Woohoo!

Angel and Halo were also the furriest, cutest reward for the son making the honor roll. If the new fur family is reading this, we'd like to suggest a hen and kitten for next semester. Or maybe a dog and rescue piglet. Improbable animal pairs are simply paws-down the best!

We're so thankful Angel and Halo have found the purr-fect forever home together. Fingers crossed the new pet family jumpstarts a TikTok account for the pair. We'd definitely follow along from the Daily Paws TikTok for updates from these unlikely pals.