It’s a heart-warming moment. Literally.

If you find yourself feeling a little low-energy and in need of your daily dose of distraction, this video offers a beautiful display of, well ... not "friendship," exactly. Mutual tolerance? A shared love of warmer climates? Let's go with mutual tolerance.

Posted by Tiktok user @alexastexaas, the 11-second video shows an orange tabby cat and a bearded dragon named Cena sharing a quiet moment in a reptile tank together under Cena's heat lamp. It's a strange scene, one that's made even more spellbinding as Mac DeMarco's atmospheric song "My Kind of Woman" burbles pleasantly as the two warm themselves.

Does this mean cats can co-exist peacefully with their lizard siblings? Honestly, probably not. Whatever kind of relationship these two have eked out in the sake of a shared mutual desire to get warm and toasty is certainly a unique one.

orange tabby cat and bearded dragon snuggling in a terrarium
Credit: Courtesy of alexistexaas / TikTok

We're not totally sure what kind of bearded dragon Cena is, as the name "bearded dragon" is actually used to refer to six different species of reptiles belonging to the genus Pogona. Each one is identified by the distinct undersides of their throats (or "beards"), which can puff up or change the color depending on mood, threat, and stress levels.

We might not be able to tell which species this particular bearded dragon is, but we do know he's completely unfazed by the addition of a not-insubstantial cat to his habitat. In fact, that might be the best thing about the entire video, which has been viewed 1.8 million times as of this writing. The animals in question aren't cuddling—cats and reptiles being two animals who are famous for their outsized shows of affection. In fact, these two barely seem to be aware of one another's presence. Instead, the milkshake that has brought these boys to the yard is clearly the lamp and its indiscriminate gift of butt-warming, blood-pumping heat.

However, perfectly illustrating that everyone—regardless of their species—can appreciate a little alone time and that personal space is to be respected, a follow-up video (with 12.3 million views) shows Cena letting the orange tabby know that the pool is closed. Hopefully these two can come to an arrangement that let's everybody get toasty in the winter months. Maybe a rotating schedule can help!