Norm was obviously the best nanny ever to little foster kitten Sonic, who now has a forever home!

It's hard to explain, but sometimes the pets who are the most different (like this cat and guinea pig combo) can become the best of friends.

Here's an odd-ball couple that's no exception. Meet Norm, a colossal cane corso, and his beloved foster kitten, Sonic. Last month, Norm's TikTok account, norm_the_househippo, shared a video of 130-pound Norm "falling in love" with his 1/2-pound foster kitten. Fans, and that includes us, loved it.

cane corso with his bff kitten
Credit: Courtesy of norm_the_househippo / TikTok

The video begins with the unlikely pair—one weighs 260 times more than the other—peacefully enjoying each other's company. The gentle giant relaxes in a sunny spot while the little tyke observes. The onscreen image of such a big boi and a teensy kitten quietly staring into each others' eyes is paws-down adorable! Before the footage ends, Sonic musters up the courage to investigate his new friend—staring, circling, and pawing the massive doggo. Good guy Norm patiently allows it.

Norm's dog mom even tells one commenter who called him "great nanny dog Norm" that he's absolutely a nanny dog. "He steps on my feet all the time but is so careful around babies."

Since this original video posted—gaining more than 7.2 million views—the adorable pair's relationship has been thankfully well-documented. The cat-and-dog duo shares a cuddle, learns how to literally have each other's back, and play together nicely (OK it's mostly just Sonic "beating up" on Norm, but he doesn't seem to mind). It's clear that the love between these two is real.

We wish they could stay together forever, especially after Sonic finally found a caretaker and guardian after being left for dead in a cardboard box. But all good things must come to an end.

On Sunday, Norm's mom posted an update to the gentle giant's devoted followers: "With a full and heavy heart, I am proud to announce that Norm's kitten is being adopted by my good friend." Her son named the foster kitten Super "Sonic" Bumble Bee.

Norm's owner understood fans' sadness of separating the two, but she added that Norm helped the little fluff ball learn how to be "independent and strong." Plus, she reminds them: Good-bye is the goal for fostering animals. She says Norm and Sonic will keep in touch—"it's simply see you later."

We're so happy to have had a front row seat in this unlikely friendship story. And we can't wait to meet Norm's next foster kitten. This gentle giant has found his calling!