Lollipop and Sashimi learned their new trick on their own and decided to set a world record in the process.

A deaf Boston terrier and a cat who looks like a tiger have teamed up to set a very, very specific, scooter-related world record. 

Lollipop, the 5-year-old dog, and Sashimi, the 7-year-old Bengal cat, last September broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest 5 meters on a scooter by a dog and cat pair. The time: 4.37 seconds. 

The pair lives in Ontario, Canada, with their owner, Melissa Millett. They've known each other since Lollipop was a puppy. According to Guinness, Sashimi doesn't train with other cats while Lollipop usually doesn't let anyone else share her scooter. The pair evidently came up with the trick by themselves in front of Millett, who's a professional dog trainer. 

Recipients of the Guinness scooter record, including two dogs and a cat
Credit: Courtesy of Guinness World Records 2022

"One day during practice, Lollipop was working on her scooter riding when Sashimi ran over to try and steal a turn! Sashimi jumped on the scooter first, then Lollipop jumped on and started pushing her. We were shocked!!! They had made up this trick themselves!!! It is now my absolute favourite trick," Millett told Guinness. 

You can watch the two at work below. No offense to Sashimi, but we definitely have to give Lollipop the lion's share of the credit for pushing the scooter along. Good dog! 

It's a wonderful trick for the pair who prefer each other's company over that of Millett's eight other dogs and cats. Despite being unable to hear, Lollipop loves to play games and learn new tricks (as long as they don't interrupt snooze time). Sashimi is more of a "diva," according to Millett, and loves hiking and playing with the "other dogs." 

And they're not the only record-breakers in the family, either! Jellybean, Lollipop and Sashimi's 4-year-old brother who's also pictured above, broke two records: fastest 5 meters pushing a basketball by a dog (10.31 seconds) and most bounce passes between a human and dog in 30 seconds (21). 

Sure sounds like the ultimutt family to us!