The cat and baby deer's friendship looks like something straight out of a Disney movie!

As if we needed another reason to scroll through TikTok watching adorable animals for hours on end, this viral animal duo looks like it hopped right out of a Disney movie and onto our feeds to provide us with the perfect addition to our cute critter content intake—and it seems tons of TikTok users are just as obsessed as we are.

Your new favorite animal BFFs come in the form of a fluffy black cat named Walter and a precious baby deer who wandered onto the scene and was thereby named Lewis. This picturesque clip was first uploaded to TikTok by user Taylorhoff08 on May 10 and shows the two buds playing together in front of beautiful wooded scenery on a clear spring day.

very young fawn standing in grass
Credit: Miroslav Hlavko / Shutterstock

Walter and his deer friend Lewis can be seen nuzzling up together while each giving some gentle sniffs as the curious new pals investigate one another. The sweet cat and darling deer then briefly touch noses at the end of the clip as a bird peacefully chirps in the background, which is enough to make animal lovers everywhere positively melt.

The clip has accumulated 1.2 million views and over 218,000 likes on TikTok since it was first posted, and heaps of adoring TikTok users have taken to the comments to express their infatuation with the sweet friends.

One user joked, "So sweet, they seem really fawn of each other." While another commented, "Oh to be a fluffy cat walking in a meadow cuddling with a baby deer." We agree—it sounds like an absolute dream!

Many viewers were confused as to why Walter and Lewis appeared to be the same size in the clip even though most would think a deer is usually much larger than any pet cat. Luckily Hoff clarified their size similarity by commenting, "The deer is small. Walter is the size of a normal house cat."

Though we're still waiting to see whether Walter and Lewis will be featured together again on TikTok (we're keeping our fingers crossed!), one thing's for certain: this unlikely animal friendship definitely gives Bambi and Thumper a run for their money!