Poor Weller, betrayed by his own booming bark.

This adorable 7-month-old Bernese mountain dog Weller can't help but ask, "Do you wanna be frens?" to a very unlikely, but adorable, pair of furry buddies—a couple of guinea pigs at a local pet store.

We get to see Weller and his new buddies in this heartwarming TikTok video posted by thebernerbunch, and judging by 1 million views this video has earned since it was posted Nov. 28, pet lovers everywhere are captivated by this dog's desire to strike up such a rare relationship.

dog meets guinea pig
Credit: Courtesy of thebernerbunch / TikTok

The beginning footage shows the snuggly, tricolored pupper staring into the glass habitat with the caption reading, "We went to the pet store and Weller was very intrigued with the guinea pigs." With his adoring big brown eyes glued to the tiny rodents, Weller thinks the little pets look like "big chimkin nuggets," but they don't smell like "chimkin," he says—via clever TikTok captions added by his humans—as he paces back and forth.

The cutest part of the video comes at the end of the video, as the sweet pup gently raises his paw into the air toward the guinea pigs. It's almost as if he's trying to get their attention, but as the little poof balls continue ignoring this would-be BFF, Weller takes it up a notch and adds a big "woof"—sending the guinea pigs scurrying into their little homes! (We hate to break it to you, Weller, but you may have come on a little too strong.) Better luck next time, dude!

Even though he may have left without a new pal, the entire scene is absolutely adorable and a true example of the large breed's temperament. Bernese mountain dogs are sweet, calm, and have an easygoing nature. They love other animals, so it's no surprise Weller wanted to be friends with the guinea pigs. They don't know there's no menace behind that booming bark!

Weller, pal: we hope you get a second chance with these guinea pigs. With a little time and patience, many dogs and other animals can get along well as siblings. We're pretty sure even the smallest of friends will realize your awesome qualities and give this unlikely friendship a chance. Maybe just use your inside voice next time? We believe in you!