"At this point, I don't think he even knows he's a duck," says pet parent Derek Johnson.
duck drumming on drum with his feet
Credit: Courtesy of Dereck Johnson

When you think about typical duck activities—paddling, snacking, quacking—playing the drums and riding motorcycles might not be anywhere near the top of your list. But Ben Afquack is not your typical feathered friend. This adorable pet has amassed quite the following on social media thanks to his hilarious drumming videos and sweet Instagram selfies with duck dad Derek Johnson.

Johnson, who is a drummer himself, tells Daily Paws the drumming videos came about by accident. Ben Afquack has the instinct to kick his little legs whenever he's been lifted up, and one day Johnson's wife slid a snare drum under Ben's legs as he was kicking. The couple took a cute video and posted it on Facebook, where the clip was surprisingly well-received.

Now, an Instagram account dedicated to this darling duck (@minnseotaduck) has gained an incredible 89k followers and earned Ben his own Guinness World Record title. In true celebrity fashion, Johnson says Ben even gets recognized in public.

Johnson credits Ben's naturally adventurous personality for the motivation behind the social media account's inspiration and success. Although he wasn't sure how great of an adventure buddy a pet duck would end up being, Johnson has been surprised by the happy results.

"One thing that makes [ducks] great adventure companions is their instinct is to follow you," Johnson tells Daily Paws. "Once they like you a little bit, they really have no choice but to go wherever you go!"

Johnson says that Ben Afquack started going on adventures with him from the first day he came home, including rides on his motorcycle in a specially-designed backpack fitted with mesh so he can take in all the sights.

We love this precious bond shared between human and duck, and we appreciate Ben Afquack's inspiration to get out and make the most of life every day. Johnson says Ben encourages him to be more responsible and compassionate, and he loves helping his pet duck live an adventurous life.

"We are better together because we are each other's buddies," says Johnson. "It's a win-win situation for everyone involved."