Bailey and Simon say it's time for your daily dose of cuteness!

It's no secret that introducing your pup to a new kitty can sometimes come with a whole slew of issues. But this endearing duo proves these two adversaries can actually turn out to be great friends—and oh boy, it sure is adorable when it happens!

This unlikely friendship comes in the form of a sweet golden retriever named Bailey and her new companion, Simon the kitty. The pair's first playdate was featured on the popular YouTube account, This is Bailey, and now we're lucky enough to watch the cuteness of newfound friendship unfold right in front of our very eyes.

At first, Simon seems a bit unsure of Bailey's playful energy and lightly bats at the loveable golden retriever's nose. Can you blame him, though? Bailey is at least triple the darling kitty's size! After a brief, but thorough observation period from a comfy spot on the couch, Simon eventually deems Bailey "friend" material. The kitten slowly starts to warm up to the gentle giant and even rolls over at one point to expose his belly—one of a cat's ultimate trusting gestures.

The video has been viewed nearly 5 million times since it was first posted in July of 2020, and many viewers have commended the patience the dog displays while waiting for his smaller feline friend to feel comfortable enough to approach her. One viewer commented, "Bailey has to be one of the most well-behaved dogs ever!" While another said, "They are going to be great friends." We totally agree!

Curious what these two are up to nowadays? In addition to her YouTube channel, Bailey also has her own Instagram account under the name @FunnyDogBailey where she and (a much bigger) Simon can be seen cozying up together in a few of her posts. Their friendship looks like it's still going strong!

Kitties aren't the only critters Bailey likes to befriend, and her social media accounts are filled with videos and pictures of her cuddling and playing with a variety of fluffy and feathered friends. Be sure to give Bailey a follow to get your 'awww'-worthy animal fix any day of the week. We know we will!