This cute friendship certainly makes a splash!

We can all agree a puppy is just about the cutest thing ever, but add an animal friend to the mix and we're positively sold! We've seen pups interact with new baby kittens and a golden retriever smooch his dolphin friend, but this German shepherd puppy and his baby duckling pal splashing around a pool are definitely the newest and cutest duo we're obsessing over now that warmer weather is upon us.

This unlikely friendship of Rocky—a sweet German shepherd puppy—and his feathered duckling friend was featured on the pup's YouTube channel, and shows the pairing's first encounter as the dog and duck cool off from the summer heat by taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

duckling with German shepherd puppy
Credit: Rita Kochmarjova / Adobe Stock

Rocky looks puzzled at first as he takes a few moments to fully observe the darling duckling at a safe distance from outside of the pool. Eventually, the curious pup decides to join the little duckling in the water for a much closer (and wetter) inspection, and after a few good sniffs it's clear from Rocky's wagging tail that he's totally sold on his new feathered companion.

The precious video has accumulated over 2.5 million views since it was first posted during the dog days of summer in August of 2020. Many viewers have applauded Rocky's obedience after being gently corrected by his owner for giving the duckling a playful puppy nip, and laughed at how adorable it is to watch the little German shepherd try to navigate the baby pool.

One viewer commented, "He is a good boy who listens to mum and dad!" While another said, "Rocky is so curious and friendly, I couldn't help but laugh when he had trouble getting out of the pool." We can't blame the little fella—the pool's walls are almost as tall as he is!

In addition to his duckling friend, Rocky's YouTube channel shows the pup interacting with a variety of other critters including rabbits, kittens, and even a rooster! Be sure to subscribe to Rocky's channel to stay up-to-date on what new friend this cute pup encounters next.