From furry and four-legged to porky and pink—every creature deserves a best buddy, even if it happens to be an improbable pair. 

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes—some forming in our earliest years and others striking up toward the end. While research shows friends tend to be more like one another in terms of age, gender, and behavior, there's still room for those exceptional and unlikely friendships. For that reason, the bond between animals of two different species is super intriguing to us humans, not to mention super adorable!

Especially this companionship. Meet Miles and Koda, truly best friends. TikTok user panglossblue shared a video of the two besties doing what they do and followers can't get enough! In the video Koda the piglet snuggles up to her favorite pup pal Miles. Playing in the background of the montage is the snappy tune "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone. 

Piglet in the grass
Credit: HQUALITY / Adobe Stock

These BFFs seem attached at the hip. A compilation of scenes shows how close Miles and Koda genuinely are—sharing snuggles in a sunny spot, grooming each other, and little Koda flopping and climbing on Miles, who hardly seems bothered by the commotion.

Nevertheless, the best part is paws-down (hooves-down?) the opening scene with little piglet Koda resting on top of Miles—beaming the biggest piggy smile from ear to ear. The cuteness will make your heart squeal!

The trending video of the besties struck a chord with animal fans, earning over 3 million views and 11,000 comments since it was originally shared in May. The unlikely pair clearly has a following, shattering the idea (for just a moment) that "birds of a feather flock together."

However, while interspecies pairings are generally uncommon, we are slowly hearing more and more "observations of strong emotional attachments" that cross-species lines. According to Psychology Today, "improbable friends" can share emotions like joy, love, and empathy. 

From dogs and cats to wildlife and farm animals, friendships know no species. We're so glad that Miles and Koda have each other to lean on! When they're not being BFF viral sensations, the pals can be found at Sisu Refuge, an animal sanctuary in Albertson, N.C.