Despite being completely different, it's clear these two animal pals were meant for each other.

Who says dogs and ducks can't be friends? Certainly not Max, the super sweet American bulldog from South Carolina, and his feathered buddy Fred—a Khaki Campbell duck. Birds of a feather flock together? Not this odd couple!

Last month, a family in Honea Path, S.C., shared a video—posted by Viral Hog—of their family dog Max and his bestie Fred, romping around like true littermates. In the video, Max is rolling on his back (four legs pawing the air) while Fred playfully nibbles on his neck and ears. The unlikely pair tussles on the lawn while a rooster crows in the background. Rest assured, there was no fowlplay, only friendly fun.

His owners share in the caption that the gentle pupper "loves all other animals" who live on their family farm and "always helps watch over the babies" like the little chickens and quail who live on the property. Max's protective nature is apparent in his interactions with Fred, who came to the farm with another male duck named (oh, so fittingly) Frank. Unfortunately, Frank passed away, and Fred was left to make friends with the other animals. But it's clear the darling duckling wasted no time!

dog plays with duck
Credit: Tim Graham / Getty

Fans of these unlikely friends commented (rightly so) that humans should take note of how these two get along despite their differences, and honestly, we couldn't agree more. It's no surprise that Max and Fred have amassed quite the following, with more than 22,000 views on their YouTube video alone.

We love this special bond between dog and duck—proving that furry and feathered really do go together—and we hope to see more of the pair's precious encounters soon.