Unlikely Friendships

From cats and dogs cuddling, to farm animals and wildlife cozying up with our pets—these unlikely animal pairs are the cutest furry and feathered friends on the internet.

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How on Earth Was This Mouse Caught Riding a Cat's Back?
Other than these two being best buds, we do have one possible explanation.
Rescue Zebra Befriends Struggling Rhino Calf Who Was Brought to Sanctuary 12 Hours After Birth
Daisy the young rhino, who rescuers found with her umbilical cord still attached, recently met and befriended a zebra foal named Modjadji at South Africa's Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary
Our Favorite Unlikely Friendships of 2021 Have All the Super Sweet Feels
Goats and kittens, a special-needs puppy whose best friend is a piglet, a horse and a cat who are inseperable—these and other animal stories helped us learn to be better humans.

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