In a new TikTok trend, young couples are sharing the trials of new dog ownership through their hilarious text messages.
golden lab staring out the window looking at the sunset
Credit: Courtesy of westhegoldador / TikTok

Young couples bringing home a new puppy is a time of wonderment and excitement. You've loved dogs all your life and now you get to raise one with the person you love. The dream! 

TikTok makes it even better. That's where couples over the last several days, including some of my millennial brethren, have posted videos featuring the text messages exchanged between partners about their new dog. It's all set to ABBA's "Slipping Through My Fingers." 

The texts combine to form an eclectic yet relatable potpourri. Many of them (rightfully) relish in their new pup's adorable foibles. Many more focus on poop: the location, the consistency, and the frequency. Some are just requests for photos and videos from the partner who's not at home. 

(That will be my better half when we get a puppy. I'll be at home trying to pry the dog's jaws open to retrieve a wayward gym sock while my stuck-in-the-office partner texts, "Send puppy pics please!")    

Before we get to the videos, new dog parents should know that we at Daily Paws are here to help. We've got poop stuff. We've got the skinny on crate training. We can tell you what to do if your dog accidentally eats your weed. We have it all. And remember, if any of the poop stuff seems worrisome, don't hesitate to call up your vet!

To the videos!

Best text: "Idk what her deal is surely it's just a phase." Generally, puppies will mellow out as they get older. Usually!

Best text: "We just have to plan Finn's sleep time accordingly." A good plan—and we can help!

Best text: "Did I step in poop?" Seems likely based on all those other messages.

Best text: "Just pooped but nobody gave me a treat." Hey, we all need treats in our lives. I just got one for writing this sentence. I'm doing great!

Best text: "Come take care of your dog." The ol passive-aggressive white flag of surrender.

Best text: the photo of the sleeping puppy! That's what we're all here for, really.

Best text: "He's had all solid poos today." Way to go, Wesley!

Best text: "Was gonna take nova out but it's raining and I don't think she'd appreciate it." Considerate!

Best text: "How's Enzo?" That's the true meaning behind all these texts: We all just want to be at home with our dogs.