Molly Quell walked into her kitchen and described what she saw on Twitter, inspiring thousands of retweets and likes.

Grated or shredded cheese is the ultimate snack. It's semi-healthy, has an interesting texture, and is quite fun to drop into our gaping mouths. Why wouldn't we want to share this dairy delight with our best friends?

That was likely the thinking of Niels van der Pas, whose girlfriend Molly Quell walked in on him "grating cheese directly into the dog's mouth" this past Friday. Quell, a contributor for Courthouse News, continued on Twitter, saying cheese had gone "everywhere" in their kitchen as well as all over the dog.

dog staring at a block of cheese
Credit: Izergil / Shutterstock

Unlike cheese, regret was not on the menu for van der Pas, who responded with a tweet of his own: "In my defense, he's a very good boi, 10/10 would grate again." He even finally posted a video of his suspended hand showering his dog with shredded cheese.

The video looks like it's from the dog's Instagram account—for those interested in Troubadour's future cheese-filled adventures. He might have quite a few new fans because Quell's initial tweet earned more than 16,000 retweets and 278,700 likes. It's all very funny and makes me want to tweet out "dudes rock."

While I can empathize with rewarding dogs with tasty treats—the primary method I will employ in my shadow campaign to earn my future dog's favoritism over my partner—you do want to be careful about how much cheese you feed your dog. 

Daily Paws has the guide on how much cheese you can give your dog as well as which types of cheese to avoid. (You're already lying about "enjoying" blue cheese anyway, no need to pass it on to the dog.)

"Your dog should get no more than a few small bites of cheese each day," says Laura Robinson, DVM and veterinary advisor to Pawp. So yes, if you want to grate marginal amounts of cheese into your dog's mouth, you'll probably be OK. But don't feed him too much. That can result in diarrhea or vomiting, and no one wants that.