We all need a little help sometimes.
Frank and Arnold
Credit: @arnoldandfrank, Caters News

A Weimaraner in Australia was having a tough time after he had a bloody altercation with a much bigger German shepherd. That’s when his own emotional-support dog came in.

Arnold, who lives with his owner Carolyn Manalis in Perth, was even more skittish and scared after the attack, the New York Post reports. It compounded the puppy’s pre-existing separation anxiety, and he was especially nervous around bigger, louder dogs. 

Enter Frank, a dachshund with the requisite adorable tiny legs who Manalis adopted from a friend. The 1-year-old wiener dog soon became 2-year-old Arnold’s little brother and emotional support dog. 

According to the Post, Frank is the confident, self-assured one who puts his much bigger compatriot at ease.  

“The bond these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful,” Manalis says, per the newspaper. “They are so connected and loving and supportive of one another. If one ever cries, the other one is there in half a second to check they are OK. Their love is unconditional, regardless of their size or breed.”

The big boi and his pint-sized pal share an Instagram account, @arnoldandfrank, where they snuggle, sleep, and occasionally tussle over stick supremacy.   

“Frank has helped Arnold regain his confidence to be able to play and wrestle while learning that this doesn’t always mean he’s going to get hurt or attacked,” Manalis says. “Having a little friend to play with has been the perfect therapy for Arnold to heal.”

In return, Arnold shows Frank how to live his best life, teaching him how to bark at intruders, chase balls, and wait for his collar and leash to be put on, Manalis says. 

“Most of what he has learned, he has learned from Arnold,” she says.