You can keep your extra hour of sleep. Our dogs are hungry!
This bulldog is confused by daylight savings time
Credit: Courtesy of potato.bulldog / TikTok

Look, we already know daylight saving time blows absolute chunks. We finally get some non-oppressive temperatures good for walking our pups and, thud, it's dark as hell at 5 p.m. Just great. 

But the menace is even worse: Daylight saving time—when we "fell back" an hour early Sunday morning—is ruining our pups' meal schedules. Unforgivable. Over the past two days, pet parents have posted TikTok videos of their poor dogs pleading to be fed when the traitorous clocks indicate it's an hour too early.

Like us, our pets know when it's dinner time. This study, for example, provides evidence that dogs can figure out when things are supposed to happen. Plus, they adhere to a circadian rhythm, so they come to expect things that occur regularly during a 24-hour period.

So what happens when we just knock ourselves back an hour? Well, you get dogs like these, who've been betrayed by time.


It's not your owner's fault, Lincoln! Someone please get this Lab a treat to tide him over until dinner.


This is unjust. Someone help Brewski, but not with an actual brewski (unless it's the dog kind).


This isn't about dinner time, but it's still daylight saving time robbing Frenchie Potato's chance to play at the park with his friends. I'm sorry, buddy.


My goodness, shih tzu Stella's entire day has been thrown out of whack. Terrible.


Do you dare go for the 4 p.m. dinner time? Then next year it might be 3 p.m.!

Nemo and Cali

That impatient golden paw is completely justified. 

So is there a solution? You can cave and serve dinner early if you want. Or you can serve two small dinners. Or maybe you serve dinner 45 minutes early one day, then 30 minutes early the next day, etc., until you're back on schedule. Or you just tough it out and deal with the pleading looks and paws until they get used to their new dinner time.

Whatever you do, just know we'll all be patiently waiting until March 13, 2022 when we then collectively complain about springing forward an hour.