Never lose your little pooch again!
dogs with balloons tied to them in a kitchen with a split screen
Credit: Courtesy of laylatuckermusic on TikTok

Some dogs are small, which usually means they can get lost in a sea of activity when you have company visit. Heck, sometimes your lil pooch will simply disappear behind larger furniture.

And whenever a dog vanishes from sight, almost every pet parent will wonder: What are they getting into? 

Thankfully, you'll never lose your small dogs again, thanks to Nashville-based singer and songwriter Layla Tucker. In a TikTok video people have watched some 11.9 million times since it was posted on July 5, she shows her solution: attaching helium-filled balloons to two small dogs—Chihuahuas?—as they putter around a Fourth of July shindig. 

One shot of the video features neither of the two dogs, just a high counter and two green balloons that float above the kitchen surfaces. 

(In all seriousness: If you do want to try this at home, maybe only do it for a few moments—under close supervision—to get photo or video proof. You don't want your dogs wandering around and potentially getting tangled up and injured.)

It's almost like the little dogs have their own little homing beacons, letting everyone know where they are in the house to make sure they don't get stepped on. Ingenious. 

Thankfully, they only used one balloon per dog, thus avoiding an Up-type situation.