Definition of "absolute unit"—a thing or being so large it inspires awe. See also: this dog getting ready for a car ride.

Finally, Big Boi Summer has arrived.

If you need proof, here it is: This TikTok video features a truly massive Tibetan mastiff climbing into the back of a car. User eidenchor, who seems to exclusively post videos of the extremely lorge dogs, wrote that the dog climbing into the back of an SUV weights more than 300 pounds—just short of the average weight of an NFL offensive lineman.

The mastiff needs a little human help getting the front legs into the car but is then able to hoist themselves up into the car.

TikTok users have watched the video more than 45 million times, and several have asked the obvious question in the comments: Are we sure that's not a bear? (Can't say for sure.) And, alternatively, isn't that the adopted dog from The Secret Life of Pets? (Maybe!)

These mastiffs are huge dogs, usually weighing only(?) 100 or so pounds opposed to this fluffy giant. Either way, if you're going to travel with a dog this size, you might want to make sure you have a big car—and be able to remove the rear seats.