We dare you to try to get through these photos without laughing.
Pomeranian on bed
Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Crocetti

Do you have a camera roll full of hilarious and potentially “unflattering” photos of your pup? If so, the challenge currently trending is the perfect excuse (like you need one) to post them! 

At some point in the last few days, the hashtag #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge has gone viral on Twitter with tons of owners sharing their silliest photos of their dog with the world. Finally, a challenge we can get behind!

We’ve rounded up a few of the entries that made us laugh out loud.

Agador, we mustache you a question … what makes you think that this photo qualifies as unflattering?

In the poetic words of this pet parent, “She’s beauty, she’s grace … [like] the slobber flying off her face.”

Petrificus totalus! It looks like this pup may have been temporarily paralyzed by a full body-bind curse.

Nothing to see here, Bowie is just hanging in there!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just pup Marlon Brando with his aerodynamic ears!

You may call it a failed panorama photo, we call it art.

Chola’s owner couldn’t decide on just one photo. In our opinion, every single photo was 100 percent necessary. 

We’re just worried about the person holding Finley the greyhound’s leash. He’s zooming!

Even Drake University’s live bulldog mascot Griff II joined in. Based on these photos we feel confident that he’s fulfilling his live mascot duties—with plenty of gusto.

Sammy captures exactly how we feel after a long day of remote work.

We had to end with this dog’s regal response to his owner posting a photo of him for this challenge. The lesson: Don’t call your dog unflattering to their face! (And be thankful they don’t have cameras to catch us in compromised positions, like when we’re cutting our toenails or beasting a block of cheese.)

So if you need a laugh or want to join in on the fun yourself, jump on Twitter and use the hashtag #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge. If you’re a cat parent there’s no need to feel left out, #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge is out there, too. Whether dog or cat, we’d HIGHLY recommend scrolling through these hashtags to get your pet fix!