We millennials are the best at many things, and that includes spoiling our dogs. This video of Ellie the black Lab is the latest example.

Earlier generations have left us a shambolic economy and a boiling-hot planet that's constantly on fire, but dammit if we millennials aren't going to persevere through all that and spoil our dogs into the afterlife.

This viral TikTok of a very cute black Labrador retriever, Ellie, is the latest proof. The video spins through scenes of Ellie getting pampered and spoiled versions of one question: Do I need a rain jacket or are my parents just millennials? Do I need a cold treat on a hot day or are my parents just millennials? Do I need to watch Paw Patrol or are my parents just millennials? 

TikTok shows just how good millennials are at dogs
Credit: Courtesy of elliebellie_blacklab / TikTok

It paints a picture of perhaps silly excess, but the first commenter on the post, hchamma2, hits the nail right on the head: "Do millennials care too much for their pets, or are we the first generation to care for them properly?" 

Ellie's mom, Canadian Jessna Marmo, agrees. She tells Daily Paws in an interview that she doesn't mean to bash other generations—at least not as much as this writer does—but she and other millennials do go pretty dang hard when it comes to pampering our pets.

We get that it seems like too much, but part of spoiling Ellie comes from real-world reasoning, Marmo says. Affording a house—the Canadian housing market is in "crisis" and ours isn't much better—is a financial pipe dream for many in our generation. It's the same for raising a human child. Adopting and doting on a dog is one of the few things we can afford.

"She's my child," Marmo says. "We do everything together."

Ellie's video, which has 4.3 million views so far, is an absolute millennial master class in how to raise your dog. Cute outfits for additional social media clout? Yup. Frequent tasty treats? Certainly. Leaving the TV on our pup's favorite show? Of course. It's all about making sure our dogs can live their best, most stylish lives. 

Plus, Marmo and her fiancé do the important stuff that might not make for the best TikToks. She and Ellie do puzzles to help with the 7-month-old pup's mental enrichment. She says Ellie will spend an hour on food puzzles, too—real, ahem, brain food.

Other folks, even other millennials, might still scoff and think it's still too much. But it's not!

"It definitely does matter," Marmo says. "They definitely have emotions, they definitely have feelings. They see you, I see them. They're a part of you."

So that settles it: Clearly millennials are the best at dog ownership! Throw that onto a participation trophy and pass me my celebratory avocado toast and hard seltzer

Ellie also enjoys a variety of matching harnesses and leashes. She has beds all over her home even though she naturally prefers the human bed. It all reminded us of a Daily Paws staffer who will remain nameless but otherwise is a champion at Pomeranian pampering. Her pup enjoys: 

This is how to do it fellow millennials: Spoil your dogs!