No Big Surprise: Survey Says 1 in 4 People Prefer Sharing a Bed With Their Dogs Over Their Partners

When given a choice between a flippy-floppy snoring human and a sweet snuggly furball, we’re surprised it’s not 4 out of 4 people, frankly.

woman sharing a bed with her dog sleeping next to each other
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Hunkering down with a fuzzy and warm four-legged friend for a good night's sleep is often just the refuge many pet parents need after a hard day of adulting. But when it comes down to it, do we prefer sleeping with our dogs more than our partners? The folks at Slumber Yard were curious about this, too. So, to make things interesting, in August, they conducted a survey with YouGov to reveal the truth.

And yes: 1 in 4 people—approximately 24 percent of the nearly 2,400 respondents— would rather share a pillowtop with their pooch than their person. McKenzie Dillon, a certified sleep coach with the company, tells Daily Paws one main result surprised her.

"I assumed millennials would be the most likely to kick their partner to the curb to sleep with their dog(s). Compared to other generations, they have the most pet owners, and marriage rates are lower," she says. "However, our survey showed that gen Xers were the generation most likely to choose their dog over their partner."

In related news, water is wet.

Dillon adds that perhaps our sleeping patterns change as we get older, which means there's more nighttime disturbance from other people with frequent bathroom trips and even more aggressive snoring. (Although those adorable smooshed-faced brachycephalic dog breeds can snuffle and snort with the best of us!)

Respondents also cited the primary benefit of the doggie co-sleeping was to increase the human-animal bond. We totally get this, as we're firm believers that cuddling dogs is good for your health.

Although survey takers didn't state what types of pups they have, Dillon says 29 percent answered that they'd rather sleep with their dog because they take up less space. "So, our guess would be medium- to small-sized dogs that don't hog the bed."

Dogs. They don't steal the sheets. Or flop about. Or read on their tablets until midnight. But a before-bed potty break is probably a good idea.

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