What makes every day better? Puppies, of course. And puppies in a uniform? We have to have it. Check out the irresistible pooches featured in the 2021 TSA Canine Calendar.
Cover of the TSA 2021 Canine Calendar featuring a blond hound
Credit: Transportation Security Administration

In the United States, there are approximately 50,000 transportation security officers employed by the Transportation Security Administration (aka TSA). But they're not the only ones working to keep travelers safe. More than 1,000 canine teams are also deployed to detect explosive materials in and around airports, and they look cute doing it!

Because it would be hard to meet them all in person (no matter how many frequent flier credits you have racked up) there's this: the 2021 TSA Canine Calendar, featuring 12 hardworking dogs that are stationed all across the country—from California to Florida.

Black German shorthaired pointer in DHS harness
Credit: Transportation Security Administration

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Golden Gate Bridge, Rea the black German shephard is hard at work at the San Francisco International Airport. According to the calendar, when she's not on duty with her handler, she loves going on hikes and chewing on rawhides—her favorite treat!

At Miami International Airport, Jung the German shorthaired pointer is besties with the pilots because (the calendar tells us) being a pilot is his dream job! When he's off the clock, Jung loves enjoying the best of both worlds: long, leisurely walks, and running around, playing fetch!

You can find more fun facts (not to mention the cutest pictures) about Rea, Jung, and 10 other furry friends in this year's Canine Calendar, which is available to download for free on the TSA's website. 

So, what are you waiting for? Brighten up your year with these photos of career-oriented puppies!