Hat's off to the fabulous golden retriever, who got a free sandwich out of it.

Dog Head Man is certainly not the hero we deserve, but he's the one we need right now. 

The soldier with a human body but the head of an inquisitive golden retriever was the hilarious subject of a Saturday Night Live skit over the weekend. The premise: A major, played by host Simu Lui, presents the latest in military technology to government officials played by Cecily Strong and James Austin Johnson. 

It's "a soldier with undying loyalty, built-in night vision and supersonic hearing, and the ability to track an enemy's scene with 15,000 times the accuracy of a normal human nose." It's Dog Head Man.

dog with man's body detonating bomb
Credit: Courtesy of Saturday Night Live / YouTube

We're then treated to the very well-behaved golden look around obliviously as the human body below her tries to put together a rifle and demonstrate knife skills. That's when the cast starts to have a hard time keeping it together, as you can see below. 

Strong unsuccessfully tries to keep the laughter out of her voice as Dog Head Man enjoys a sandwich. It gets even funnier when the human hands drop most of the sandwich, causing the dog to try to locate it on the floor rather than demonstrate how to diffuse a bomb. (At this point, Johnson can't hide his laughter.) 

We're big fans of the dog, who does a fantastic job! She looked great on live TV and got a free sandwich out of it. Plus, more than 1 million people have watched the sketch on YouTube, not to mention all the people who watched the broadcast, so maybe Dog Head Man will return for another episode soon. 

Consider this our petition for more dogs in SNL sketches.