It’s a really good thing a bridge inspection crew was on duty.


Sitting on a flat piece of metal with no barriers 120 feet above the longest river in North America is not where a dog is supposed to be. 

But that’s where this pup, likely a coon hound, was on Sunday, sitting on a lower level of the Natchez-Vidalia Bridge over the Mississippi River, below the bridge’s deck. 

Thank goodness there was an inspection crew from Stantec looking over the span connecting Louisiana and Mississippi.  

According to CNN, Ryan Nataluk and his crew were inspecting the bridge when one of his engineers called over the radio: “I see a dog!” Nataluk, who’s inspected bridges for more than two decades, approached the shy pup and decided he could rescue her. 

"I go camping and climbing all over with my family and dog," he tells CNN. "I've had to bring my own dog across rivers and even haul him up peaks, and over time I've figured out how to make makeshift harnesses."

After making the harness, he climbed down to the dog, put her in the harness, and then helped a police officer haul her up. Stantec caught the rescue on video. 

"When we got her up there she just started walking immediately and wagging her tail," Nataluk tells CNN. "You could tell she was really happy."

More good news: The dog was soon adopted after her rescue Sunday. It’s unclear how the dog, who was still wearing a collar, found herself sitting precariously under the bridge’s deck.