One second you’re in your yard, the next you’re in a giant hole.

dog rescued from sinkhole
Credit: Alachua County Fire Rescue

A Florida firefighter employed ladders and a little bit of bacon to rescue a golden retriever who was trapped 35–40 feet deep in a sinkhole. 

Alachua County Fire Rescue posted a Facebook video of the operation to save Sammy on Monday. Lt. Brian Furgeson was sent down to retrieve Sammy, who was trapped below after the sinkhole formed in his family’s backyard. 

The video shows Ferguson, who was tethered to a rope, lowering himself into the hole, positioning one ladder near the surface and the other at the bottom so he could reach the poor pup. When he arrived at the bottom, he fed Sammy some bacon to “establish trust,” the fire department wrote. 

Using both arms, he hoisted the dog up and climbed back up the ladders. Sammy was let go at the top where he happily greeted his owner with furious tail wags. 

“Although a bit nervous, Sammy was removed without injury and is now happy and home with his family!” the fire department writes.

Sammy’s liberation from the giant hole was the fire department’s second sinkhole rescue in several days after continuous rains in north-central Florida.