It may be the cutest thing in this news cycle.

Look, Tuesday is a big day (elections, National Sandwich Day …)  and people are very nervous and stressed and are anxiously waiting for polls to close. 

The Nebraska Humane Society staff knows all this, and they know they can help. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so they brought out the puppy cart.

Behold, 32 seconds of unadulterated joy, cuteness, and snuggles. The ears! The eyes! The chubby butts!


The best news is that these 9-week-old nuggets, all English bulldog-bull terrier mixes, need homes. So if you live near Nebraska (or don’t mind long drives) you can soon have Fawn, Snickers, Caraway, Sheldon, or Nutmeg as a new member of your family.

Even if you can’t adopt, maybe still just cue this video up on a loop for election night to remind yourself that there’s one thing we can ALL get behind: puppies!