We’ll say it again and again and again: Microchip your dog.


A woman enjoyed a tearful reunion with her long-lost dog last week that was seven years in the making, all thanks to a microchip and some luck. 

In mid-November, San Antonio Animal Care Services took in a golden-brown stray male dog, the shelter wrote on Facebook. He had a microchip, and it listed the contact information for someone who adopted him years ago. They called her. 

Before the dog, Honey, could even finish getting the shots needed to enter the shelter, his owner had arrived. Shelter staff took him to the front of the building to see if they recognized each other. 

“The woman burst into tears as soon as she saw him, fell to her knees, and held him in her arms. She began to ask him if he remembered who she was,” the shelter wrote. 

She told the shelter that he had been missing for seven years. Since 2013! When Barack Obama was still president! When the supremely irritating “What Does the Fox Say?” song came out! When those “Harlem Shake” videos were A Thing

Once again, the microchip was clutch. In fact, Honey had gotten his microchip when he was adopted from the very shelter that was taking him in as a stray.

“Each pet leaves with a lifetime, registered microchip upon adoption,” the shelter writes. “Because of this, Honey and his mom are now finally able to live their happily ever after!”