Snugs all around.

cat cuddles baby
Credit: @marleytheorphancat on Instagram

We’re all stressed these days, whether it’s political discourse, the COVID-19 pandemic, or work-from home annoyances. Whatever it is, we could use a brief break. 

Maybe this will help: video of an orphaned cat cuddling with her infant little sister/best friend. 

The cat is Marley, whose mom died when she was still only a kitten, according to Good Morning America

“She’s just a very sweet cat, wants cuddles all the time. She’s kind of more part of the family, like having another child,” her owner, Hilary, tells GMA. 

When Hilary was pregnant, the gray, blue-eyed cat would cuddle up to the baby bump. 

Soon, baby Ava arrived, and the two pals were able to officially start their friendship. 

“Being quite motherly, she watches over,” Hilary tells GMA. “When she’s kind of sleeping, she’ll lie next to her.” 

You can watch more of the snuggly companions here or on Marley’s Instagram account, where you can also delight in the cat’s other exploits.