The mysterious monolith structure looks similar to the ones spotted in Utah, Nevada, Pittsburgh and California.

monolith in front of the Animal Defense League of Texas
Credit: Courtesy of Animal Defense League of Texas

If you’ve been keeping up with the mysterious monolith saga taking the world by storm, boy do we have the development for you! Another tall metal structure popped up on Wednesday, this time outside an Animal Defense League of Texas shelter.

What began in Utah’s red-rock desert last month has quickly become a worldwide whodunit phenomenon that shows no signs of stopping. The latest addition appeared on the front lawn of the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions in San Antonio, TX, a no-kill shelter for abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs and cats.

You may be wondering, who is responsible for this? Aliens? Artists? All we can confidently say is, whoever is involved definitely loves rescue animals.

Although the responsible party and their true intention remain unknown, the Animal Defense League of Texas hopes the presence of the monolith sculpture will help their cats and dogs find their forever homes. “Although we don’t know who or maybe what brought it to ADL, we love the fact that the force behind the monolith is interested in helping to build awareness around adopting a shelter pet,” the ADL tells Daily Paws.

The ADL also says that the group has already seen a notable increase in interest from the public and the media following the monolith’s “mysterious” appearance. “The one thing we do know is we are extremely grateful for its impact in bringing greater awareness to our mission to help pets in need.”

Based on the other monolith structures that have popped up around the world recently, there’s no telling how long this structure will be at the Paul Jolly Center. If you’re in the area, hurry to catch a photo before it disappears under cover of night! And if you can't make it to its location outside the Animal Defense League of Texas, not to worry. There are likely animal shelters and rescue organizations in your area, too, just waiting for you to come visit the furry specimens inside their doors.