Meet Skipper, an Adorable Puppy Born With 6 Legs Who Is Defying the Odds

She’s just a puppy with even more to love.

This is Skipper and she's about as close to one-of-a-kind as you're ever liable to see!

Born in Oklahoma City, this Aussie/border collie mix was born with a pair of congenital disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus. In non-vet speak, the results are a sweet little puppy who has a single head and chest cavity, but with most everything below that duplicated, including her urinary tracts and reproductive systems. Most noticeably to anyone not equipped with an x-ray machine, this has also given Skipper two tails and an extra pair of legs.

puppy with 6 legs
Courtesy of Neel Veterinary Hospital

While it is believed that Skipper is the first pup to be born alive with this particular lottery ticket of conditions, she's not the first to live a happy life with more than a normal allotment of legs! In 2019, a black lab puppy named Roo was born in the UK with an additional leg attached to each of her front legs. Roo uses a wheeled walker to get around more efficiently and had one of her extra legs removed via surgery in early 2020, but has otherwise continued to live a happy, pain-free life: something that vets have high hopes for with Skipper as well.

Born as part of a litter of nine, Tina Neel, DVM, owner of Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City where Skipper was examined, suspects that Skipper was one of a pair of twins in utero, but that the egg didn't fully separate, causing the results we see in this little girl.

Skipper was rejected by her mother, but the hospital staff say the pup's taken to bottle feeding just fine. All six legs seem to move well and respond to stimulus, and the vets say that all the food they put into her seems to be coming out the other end just like it should.

"We will continue to research her conditions, monitor her development during rechecks and help keep Skipper pain-free and comfortable for the rest of life," the veterinary hospital wrote in a Facebook post welcoming Skipper to the world. "She is doing well at home now."

While it's possible Skipper will most likely need some physical therapy or mobility assistance as she grows, for now, all of her internal organs seem to be in great shape that she's a happy, thriving puppy.

Her owners have taken to Facebook to provide a stream of updates for Skipper's growing list of fans, sharing that the pup "is happy, healthy, and continuing to grow. She is finding her own way and learning quickly. She will be opening her eyes soon...and she is thriving and getting more spoiled everyday." This sweet six-legged girl even has a favorite plushy toy to snuggle at night—a camouflage moose her humans say keep her company while she sleeps.

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