This new TV series takes dogs and their human companions on the adventure of a lifetime. Hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her dog Lucy, this is the ultimutt reality show for dog lovers.

Available now: Amazon Prime’s new unscripted original series The Pack takes 12 dogs and their human companions across continents as they face exciting challenges to prove which duo has the best teamwork and strongest bond in the pack. Hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel dog Lucy, this is the perfect show to watch with your own pup. The stakes? The winner takes home $500,000, along with an additional $250,000 for the charity of his or her choice.

The decorated skier and her pup are always down for an adventure, whether that’s on the slopes or traversing the globe. 

“I have overcome many obstacles in life, but one thing that has reigned true during good times and bad has been the love of my dogs,” Vonn says. “Like many times before, Lucy will be by my side on yet another one of life’s adventures, and I’m excited for everyone to watch and cheer on these incredible contestants and their beloved companions.”

Vonn, Lucy, and the cast of American contestants are accompanied by a team of certified dog experts and accredited veterinarians who designed the challenges, which help viewers learn more about the dog-human bond throughout the episodes.

During filming earlier this year, The Pack also donated $250,000 to multiple charities and rescue organizations along the way to positively impact dogs around the world.

The Pack is an uplifting and exhilarating new unscripted series, celebrating one of the most unique and universally recognized relationships we have—between people and their best friends,” says Albert Cheng, Co-Head of Television at Amazon Studios. “Our Amazon Prime customers around the world will go on an adventure unlike any other as these impressive dogs and their humans navigate challenges as teams, making a difference along the way.”

Season 1 of The Pack is now available for streaming, and Amazon Prime members can stream at no additional cost via the Prime Video app, Fire TV, and online at

Meet the Teams

The series’ 12 teams come from across the United States and represent a wide variety of dog breeds and backgrounds. Learn more about each pair working their tails off to come out on top:

Brian and Dixie from The Pack TV show on Amazon
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Brian Calvert & Dixie

Dixie is a 5-year-old old bluetick coonhound. She’s a therapy dog for veterans and a deer tracking dog. She’s known as “Dixie The Praying Dog” because Calvert taught her how to “bow” down to pray and say thank you to veterans on command. Calvert is a 47-year-old man from Camby, Indiana. Calvert drives semi-trucks half of the week while taking Dixie to public appearances and events for the rest of the week. Both Calvert and Dixie have dedicated their lives to helping veterans, kids, and anyone who might need a smile. Calvert and Dixie have a custom Jeep Wrangler with Dixie’s signature logo on it. They drive around in the Jeep participating in parades, escorting charity motorcycle rides, and escorting veteran’s funerals.

Chelsey and Gryffin from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Chelsey Lowe & Gryffin

Gryffin and Chelsey currently live in Newport Beach, Calif., where they enjoy doing activities such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, beach volleyball, and anything else outdoors. Chelsey played college volleyball at UC Santa Barbara and is a yoga instructor. Chelsey found Gryffin at just 7 weeks old about 7 years ago on her way home from a trip, and Gryffin hasn’t left her side since. They do everything together. Chelsey even brings her to work, teaching her yoga classes with Gryffin by her side!

Chisum and Kepo from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video

Chisum Joe Johnson & Kepo

Kepo joined Chisum’s family in 2017. Chisum initially got Kepo as a friend to his older dog (who has since passed) as well as a new friend for him. Chisum began to train Kepo as a tracking pup, and through that, they grew a close bond. Chisum didn’t realize how smart a dog could be until he befriended Kepo. Chisum credits Kepo for keeping him grounded after a stressful day at the fire station.

Daniel and Allister from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Daniel Reese & Allister

Four years ago, Daniel Reese was blessed to be in the right place at the right time rescuing Allister, his sweet wirehair rat terrier, making him Daniel’s forever fur best friend. Allister is always ready for the next big adventure. Daniel gets so much love from Allister that he now wants to share that feeling with the world.

Donna and Charlie from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Donna Modafferi & Charlie

Donna Modafferi and her schnoodle-schnauzer-poodle, Charlie, currently reside in New York City. Donna fell in love with Charlie’s adorable face from a photo she saw online—proving there is such a thing as love at first sight. When Donna brought Charlie home in July 2016, Charlie fit into Donna’s little family perfectly and has brought them so much joy and love ever since.

Josh and Snow from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Josh White & Snow

Josh has a 3-year-old standard poodle named Snow. Josh loves to groom Snow, changing up her look to then go out and take photos of her! Snow enjoys all the attention and all the love, but most of all, she just enjoys spending time with Josh—and Josh enjoys spending all his time with her!

Kentucky and Derby from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Kioni “Kentucky” Russell Gallahue & Derby

Kentucky got Derby from a loving family that realized that they couldn’t take care of him and needed to re-home him. Kentucky took him in, and they have been best friends ever since. Once living with Kentucky, Derby discovered a whole new world, and Kentucky helped give Derby the confidence to enjoy and explore it. Derby came into Kentucky’s life at a low point, and he helped get Kentucky through the hard times and start a new life in San Diego. Together they are inseparable. They love to surf, ride motorcycles, and find new, fun, crazy activities together.

Linh and Chance from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Linh Iacona & Chance

After suddenly losing Linh’s first dog, a senior rescue, she searched on Petfinder and found Chance (who at the time was called Griff). She drove 8 hours that day to pick him up at his foster home. At only six weeks old, he was found homeless roaming the streets of Kentucky, then transported to Pennsylvania to be fostered. She adopted Chance at three and a half months old, and now he’s living his best life in Brooklyn.

Lucy and Duchess from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Lucy Riles & Duchess

Duchess is an 8-year-old black Lab that loves tennis balls and playing fetch with Lucy, a Stay-at-Home Mom of four kids, two dogs and wife to one husband. Duchess and Lucy’s bond began when Duchess was four months old. With a toddler and baby already in tow, Lucy decided to adopt Duchess from Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue. But as the years went on, it’s pretty clear that Duchess was the one doing the rescuing all along. The unconditional love, security, companionship, and emotional support Duchess has provided Lucy and her kids has gotten their family through some of life’s most devastating losses and obstacles. Not only has Duchess saved the lives and hearts of Lucy and her family, but Duchess is also about to win over your hearts as well! This duo may be the oldest female team on The Pack and viewed as a couple of underdogs...but never underestimate the inner strength of a mom and her Lab. Lucy and Duchess are here to prove you CAN teach an old dog (and old broad) new tricks!

Mark and Ace from The Pack on Amazon Prime Video
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Mark LeBlanc & Ace

Mark is a 31-year-old mechanical engineer and professional photographer with a furry best friend named Ace, who is a 10-year-old border collie. Mark specifically wanted a breed that could match his physical abilities and intensity—Ace was exactly that for him. They love to push themselves to the limit in the mountains. Living in Salt Lake City, Utah, they are always active outdoors doing things like rock climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and trail running. At six months old, Ace was catching frisbees 30 yards away, and at ten years old, a ten-mile trail run is simply a warm-up. Together, Mark and Ace have an unbreakable bond and a thrill for adventure.

Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Mitra Najibeth Yosri & Bozley

Nine years ago, Mitra Yosri met Bozley and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Bozley escorted Mitra when she made the life-changing decision to move from Utah to Los Angeles, and they do absolutely everything together. With the unconditional love and companionship that Bozley has always provided her, Mitra has been able to take risks and pursue her dreams. Today, Mitra and Bozley enjoy cuddling and hiking through the hills of Eagle Rock and sharing food. Mitra is most happy at home with Bozley and her two cats. Bozley is happiest trying to catch flies and never leaving Mitra’s side.

Vania and Jax from The Pack
Credit: Akiva Griffith / Amazon Studios

Vania Zuniga & Jax

Jax is a goofy 3-year-old golden retriever. Jax loves to be attached to Vania’s hip (unless there is a squirrel around). This pair loves to spend their time soaking up the sun at the beach. Jax loves to put a smile on anyone’s face, but be careful because his dog hair is contagious!