“The children see Henry as a trusted friend, as a confidant,” the principal says.
poodle stands at feet of child
Credit: UTV on Twitter

Henry Wee Wheels? More like Henry WHEEE Wheels. I mean, look at him book it down the street:

Beyond dazzling us with his jackrabbit-like speed, Henry, a toy poodle, has an important job these days: helping Northern Ireland school children cope emotionally as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. 

Our man Henry attends classes—backpack in tow—at Moira Primary School, where he’s the best kind of distraction for the pupils, UTV reports. Not only is he a cute dog to pet during break times, but the school has paired him with kids who benefit from emotional support. The children, whose lives have been upended by the pandemic, will confide their struggles to him—things they wouldn’t tell an adult or friend. 

“The children see Henry as a trusted friend, as a confidant,” Principal Colin Ford tells UTV. 

Henry can relate to struggling. His owner, Sharon Warnock, rescued him from China after he’d been attacked by another dog. The attack broke his spine, rendering his back legs immobile. That’s where the “wee” wheels, which may very well be repurposed bicycle training wheels, come in.  

The little guy is incontinent, so he needs a diaper tucked into his onesie, but don’t feel bad for him. 

“They feel sorry for Henry and really there’s no need to feel sorry for Henry,” Warnock tells UTV. “Henry is a very cheeky little dog who can look after himself and can teach us all so much.

“He’s teaching children that the impossible can be achieved.” 

The UTV report shows him enjoying the school grounds with his classmates, getting his pets, and then even leading the reporter on a chase through a dog park.

“He’s really, really cute and such a nice, sweet dog,” one student says.