Here's a good way to spend a few hours: looking at videos and photos of Harlso balancing so many things on his tiny noggin.
Harlso the Dachshund balancing two donuts on his head
Credit: Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock

Many Instagram aficionados already know Harlso, the dachshund who can seemingly balance anything on his tiny head, but on Monday night he proved that he's actually better than Jimmy Fallon.  

The talented hound led off The Tonight Show's "Why Is Your Pet Better Than Me?" segment, politely sitting on a chair as his owner, Paul Laverly, stacked five pancakes on his teensy dome. It's very, very cute.

Harlso is a balancing pro at this point. His Instagram account sports more than 174,000 followers who've enjoyed his cranium exploits for years.

"The King of Balancing" even has his own merchandise, including the dashing bow ties he likes to wear as he gently balances. The photos and videos are even a little mesmerizing. Here are several of our favorites.

That's eight cookies! And he just sits there and watches them join the stack one by one. The self-control is amazing. I'm a human and I probably would've started eating the cookies before they touched my noggin. 

Finally, a good use for rice cakes. This time, there was probably no danger of Harlso eating them, but maybe he likes bland, styrofoamy tastes.

How on Earth does he stay this still? 

Heh. A sausage dog balancing sausage rolls. Nice. 

A round ball on a round head? Wild! You can enjoy more of Harlso on his Instagram page.