Pistachio? Sounds like a real NUTcase. (Sorry.)


Certainly this puppy fell into a vat of mint chocolate-chip ice cream? Maybe he found some yellow and blue food coloring? 

Nope, this is how the perfectly named Pistachio was born. He’s green while the rest of his litter has white fur like their mom. He was born Oct. 9 on the island of Sardinia, which is in the Medditarinan Sea, Reuters reports.

The green fur obviously isn’t normal. Green puppies have been born before, but it’s extremely rare, Reuters reports. Pistachio probably acquired his color in the womb when he came into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment that sometimes gives bruises a greenish tinge.

While it would be really cool if Pistachio—who would blend in nicely with the paint in my parents’ bathroom—could look like a pistachio for the rest of his life, his green fur will continue to fade until the color is gone completely, Reuters reports. But it’s not all bad news: He’s already secured a job at such a young age. His owner, Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci, plans to keep him and train him to look after the sheep alongside his mother. 

Mallocci tells Reuters that green is a symbol of luck. And couldn’t the world use a little more good luck these days?