It's obvious who's the king of this castle ... and it's not the human!

The intuition of this harlequin Great Dane and mastiff mix is literally spot-on, as seen in this hilarious TikTok dog-vs.-dad standoff. This is one extra-large dog who needs a throne of similar size.

Gentle giant Fergus, 2, has a history of stealing his dad's comfy chair as soon as it's vacant. Can you blame the pup for wanting a warm seat—especially if no one called "fives" on it? But it's once Fergus is caught in the act, that the adorable dog's sensitivity and awareness comes pouring out.

Posted Nov. 28 by his mom Melissa Love, bigdogmom on TikTok, the precious video begins with Fergus sitting in a very upright and still position in his dad's chair—the word "Busted" captioning the screen.

Seconds later his dad rounds the corner to see the big pup in his seat. He tells Fergus, "I was sitting there. I just got up to go pee." Fergus was allegedly sitting elsewhere before his dad got up. "My phone's right there; you knew I was sitting there."

Harlequin Great Dane steals chair Tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of bigdogmom / TikTok

Fergus paws the air toward his dad—you can almost hear him trying to convince him that he's sitting in his chair, adding in some tail wagging to try and distract from his seat burglary. Fergus knows he's in the wrong, yet he still doesn't move as his dad continues to question him.

The entire scene is both heartwarming and hilarious and fans couldn't agree more—the 165-pound Daniff's (Mastidane's?) video has notched over 465,000 views. We applaud his dogged determination and really just want to give him a hug!

In the end, his dad gives in and walks over the other couch, only to be greeted by the family's other two sweet dogs dishing out all the licks and attention. So really, everyone is a winner here. (Don't worry, they love each other.)

This likely won't mark the end of the chair stealing. These standoffs are common, and Fergus has sat in the chair since at least last July. It doesn't even matter if his dad got there first, or if his parents try to be sneaky and switch the chairs around. He knows which is his.

Soon, we figure he'll need two chairs. Atta boy!

We can't wait to watch the next comfy-chair battle in this household. Our money is on Fergus—he's just too cute (and large) to move!