We’re not saying it was a ghost. But we’re also not saying it wasn’t a ghost...

Everybody loves a good ghost story, especially during Spooky Season. That might help explain why more than 13 million people have watched this TikTok in which, seemingly, a ghost takes off a dog's collar.

In the eerie video posted Sunday, Tiktok user shannyfantg shares footage from a home security camera showing her two dogs kenneled at home alone. For the first half of the video, all we see are two doggos enthusiastically making their presence known to one another. But 29 seconds into the video, both dogs abruptly stop barking and fall into a silence that lasts until the 40-second mark, when the collar of the black dog on the right abruptly pops open and falls to the kennel floor, startling the dog and causing them to retreat to the back of the crate. 

Dog in cage wearing white collar
Credit: Courtesy of shannyfantg / TikTok

Five seconds later, the video ends with the dogs still silent and the black pooch sniffing at the collar that now lies on the kennel floor.

It's a startling turn of events! One that has the commenters on the video working overtime. Some users are utterly convinced, with one commenting, "This is literally 100% proof that energy and spirits exist."

"I've never seen such a convincing ghost video," says another.

Others, however, remain skeptical: User Ellie_Braun says, "The collar unclasped and scared the dog. That is all," while ColtonSwick does his best "zoom and enhance" impression: "Not saying what's real or not, but the video was literally paused before the collar came off. Watch again…"

Watch the video and come to your own conclusions, but we're still on the fence! Is it proof of paranormal activity? Evidence that it's time to buy a new collar? Or maybe even an elaborate prank by shannyfantq for the clout? No matter what, Halloween is nearly upon us, and videos like this definitely help set the mood.