The Thank Your Vet Organization is offering three lucky dog parents $1,000 and a goodie bag to participate in its nutrition study.

If you're anything like us, your friends and social media followers might be a little tired of hearing you talk about your dog all day. Does this mean you should stop? Absolutely not. It just means you need a different audience, and one veterinary nonprofit is making an offer you can't refuse. 

The Thank Your Vet Organization is offering three lucky dog parents a whopping $1,000 to participate in their dog health research study. Important? Yes. Difficult? Not at all. All participants have to do is hop on video calls and answer various questions about their precious pooches. 

If the fat stack of cash isn't enough, Thank Your Vet is also sending participants free doggie supplements, food samples, and chew toys. That may sound too good to be true, but we promise it's legitimate. Plus it's for science, so beyond the pretty penny, you can also tell yourself it's for a good cause.

$1,000 to talk about your dog? Man holding his dog on a couch
Credit: vgajic / Getty

The study aims to learn what average dog owners feed their pet, why they choose that food, and "the mindset of the average dog owner when it comes to the health and nutrition of their dog," according to Thank Your Vet's website. 

Over the course of two weeks and four remote video calls, researchers will ask about your dog's breed, details about their diet, any health supplements they take, and other questions related to your dog's health and lifestyle. 

"The overall nutrition and lifestyle of your dog can increase their lifespan, but improving your dog's nutrition can also increase their energy levels, happiness, and much more," Jacob Hawthorne, DVM, says in their web listing. (Hawthorne is the chief veterinary officer for Thank Your Vet, specializing in nutritional guidance for dogs.) 

If you've made up your mind and are ready to sign up, there are a few requirements you should know about. Beyond being over 18 years old and speaking English, the study specifically wants to recruit average dog parents. This means trainers, doggie journalists (*sobs*), and other pet professionals need not apply.

You can apply to participate in this study through a Google Form at the bottom of their web listing. You can also contact Thank Your Vet here for additional information and questions. Because we can't apply ourselves, we're rooting extra hard for our readers to land a spot.