Look at that little ear!

popeye sits behind pizza
Credit: @popeyethefoodie on Instagram

OK, who here could sit their pup down behind some delectable food to take a photo without the dog trying to eat the food? 

We’re guessing most of you answered no to that question. But the owners of Popeye the Foodie Dog are among the few who can say yes. He’s actually a pro at it. On his Instagram account, which more than 415,000 people follow, the fluffy boy poses behind pizza, spring rolls, and cake, seemingly uninterested in consuming the deliciousness in front of him. 

“Most of the time, he doesn't even care for the food in front of him,” owner Ivy Diep says. “He's more interested in people-watching or looking for other dogs to bark at.”

Diep instead gets Popeye to pose using his preferred dog treats or his favorite: cheese.

Along with his massive social-media following, Popeye, whose left ear often likes to stand up at attention, has appeared on television, too, including in front of a national audience earlier this year. The fame is a far cry from how Diep and her husband found him as a stray on the street in Los Angeles six years ago.

“He was a dirty, matted mess,” Diep says. “We tried finding his owners with no luck, and he ended up joining our home.”

At the time, he was the family’s fourth dog. His new parents soon found out that Popeye is a bit of a Velcro dog. 

“My husband and I eat out often, and when we realized that Popeye insisted on going everywhere with us, we started looking for pet-friendly restaurants,” Diep says. “We're lucky to live in California where there are lots of restaurants with pet-friendly patios. Then we realized he's super well behaved around food.”

They started his Instagram account in 2015. He camly poses for the photos, but almost nothing can keep his left ear down. His owners have even taken to dressing him up in adorable, tiny-dog clothes. (Here he is giving Mr. Autumn Man a run for his money.) 

“I don't think he loves clothes, but he doesn't seem to mind them and he really wears clothes well,” Diep says. “So I love dressing him up and sometimes he has human-like expressions, which I get a kick out of as well.”

You can follow Popeye on Instagram at @popeyethefoodie.