Gertie had been missing for five days, trapped behind a wall that her rescuers used a sledgehammer to break down.

An Ohio homeowner called the Cincinnati Fire Department Sunday morning after hearing crying from behind their garage wall. Truck 20's search for the source of the noise soon turned into a heroic rescue of the dog who had gotten trapped behind the wall—one that required a sledgehammer.

Missing posters for lost dog Gertie had been posted in Northside for five days, according to the Cincinnati Fire Department.

white dog that was rescued from wall
Credit: Kseniia Ilinykh / Unsplash

Gertie's owners, Connie Frick and Lynn Herman, told Cincinnati's WXIX that Gertie had escaped into the woods Tuesday when Herman came in through the front door. Their dog had run off to their neighbor's garage before, but this time was different. 

After the report of the noise in the garage, they realized their dog was not missing in the woods as they originally thought... in fact, it appeared as though Gertie had fallen between the crevice of two concrete walls. The neighbor had reportedly been able to see Gertie from their attic floorboards, WXIX reports. 

A Facebook video shows firefighter Jenny Adkins using a sledgehammer to break through the wall's cinder blocks and peer inside. After smashing a width of a block and a half, she then reaches inside and reveals the face of a small white dog. 

With a little coaxing, Gertie was able to fit through the opening with ease as Adkins picked her up and brought her to safety. Fellow firefighters clapped as Gertie smiled and wagged her tail.

"We're just very happy and lucky and very grateful to our neighbors," Frick told WXIX.

After she was finally free from her stuck spot, Gertie received lots of loving pets from the humans who were there to welcome her back to safety. We're so relieved for this firefighter's quick thinking!