Where's Andy Bernard when you need him?
cat trapped inside wall peering out of the hole opened for him
Credit: Courtesy of causalinf / TikTok

Finding your cat inside your house's walls is better than not being able to locate your kitty, but it sure adds a little more to your construction budget.

This is what happened to TikTok user causalinf, whose family returned home after Thanksgiving and was unable to find their cat, Ronnie. They then heard her inside the walls. Rather than Andy Bernard it, our man takes the back of a hammer to his drywall as he and others call, "Ronnie!"

After about 1 minute, he sticks his head almost into the hole he ripped out to call for his cat. At her owners' urging, she emerges! Hilariously, she doesn't really stop for hugs and kisses and walks into the hallway and down the stairs to a chorus of "oh my gosh."

The video, posted Nov. 29, has so far earned more than 1.5 million views.

How did she get into the walls? Causalinf wrote in a comment on the video that she entered through a closet that included access to an unfinished area. "She is VERY curious so [she] wandered 'til she got trapped or lost," he wrote.

While we're most glad for the reunification, this family did exactly what you're supposed to do when your cat is lost: look for them around the house. Cats are sneaky, curious, and very good at going unnoticed. So make sure you turn your house upside down before expanding the search outdoors. 

Also: Maybe make sure you know a contractor who's good with drywall. Could come in handy.