If you’re cold they’re … fine?
golden retriever laying in a bed of snow on a cold winter day
Credit: Courtesy of leothecream / TikTok

Everyone wonders at some point whether it's too cold for their dogs outside and, seemingly, everyone has a different answer. The guideline for smaller dogs, those with short coats, and those bred from warmer climates is the tried and true "if you're cold, they're cold." It's not a hard and fast rule, but it's a nice, easy barometer (thermometer?) for making sure your doggo doesn't get frostbite or hypothermia from being out in unsafe temps.

However, as several recent videos on TikTok have shown us, those of us with breeds made for living and working in harsher climates will often have a hard time getting our Siberian husky or Samoyed to come in just because there's a little snow on the ground. Or a lot of snow, even.

Here are eight dogs who will happily trade in their swim trunks for snow shoes, no matter how much their pet parents beg them to come inside.


Take Larry, for instance: He's not the least bit perturbed by the cold and, even though his human needs to leave and wants him in the house, Larry's not having it. I especially like his human's frustrated barb of "you … stubborn husky."

Rory Logs Off

Rory is another husky who doesn't understand what the fuss is all about, even though his human makes the point very clear: "Some lady on the internet says you're cold. You should probably come inside."

Treats Don't Work, Either

Not even food can keep some winter dogs from enjoying their chill. This video, captioned "When the hooman thinks she can bribe you to come inside with treats … " shows a beautiful but completely nonplussed husky refusing to budge from his snow bank, even as the leash tries to tug him towards warmth.

Enzo the Pile of Snow

But it's not just huskies that get in on the snowy fun. Enzo the floofy, goofy Samoyed steadfastly refuses to come inside, even after the snow makes him look more like a pile that needs shoveling, rather than a dog.

Who's Cold? I'm Not Cold

Then there's Homer the Newfoundland. He sees no reason to budge in the middle of this snowstorm. Not only is he perfectly warm, he's got a toy with him. What else does he need??

Points For Trying!

Sometimes, even dogs that we don't think of as cold weather breeds will still find more fun outside than in. Like our friend here, Blue. Blue is a golden retriever and is not nearly as good at camouflage as he thinks he is.

Snow Never Bothered Me Anyway

Leo follows suit. He's got a nice bed out on the deck. Sure, it might be covered in snow at the moment, but what's that got to do with anything? Almost makes you wonder if Leo's heard of heated dog beds—we bet this dude wouldn't budge from his spot with one of those bad boys under his tush.

Only Thing Missing? You!

Finally, there are some dogs who aren't content to just be out in the snow themselves. For these social pups, the cold must be a shared experience. And they don't want to share it with anyone in the world more than their own, favored humans. Get ready to bundle up for some playtime! Who knows, maybe you and your pooch will find a new favorite winter activity to do together. Skijoring, anyone?