Blink and you’ll miss their delightful arrivals.

What better way is there to say “Hello, how are you today?” than with a pair of dog snouts thrust through a wooden fence? 

(There isn’t one.) 

The Daily Mail reports that this video of the two dogs taking advantage of the cutouts in the fence reached millions of views on TikTok and more than 18,000 comments. 

In the chuckle-worthy video, their owner, Erin Joyce, of Victoria, Australia, drives alongside the tall wooden fence, where two customized sets of dog-high peep holes have been cut into the wall—each set has two smaller holes (for eyes) above a larger one (for the snout). 

Soon, as if out of nowhere, a white snout and dark nose plunge toward us through the hole on the right. It's her dogs, Billie and Seymour. Viewers can see the second dog coming, but it’s still just as satisfying to see two snoots poking out of an otherwise opaque fence. Joyce and her partner Dean cut the holes into the fence last month to make it easier for them to smell new arrivals.

As they whine for attention, Joyce greets them with a crooning, “Hi, babies.”    

We can only assume she then went over and booped those snoots because, really, who could resist a greeting like this?