Watch This Dog's Sassy Reaction After Their Owner Ignores a Kiss in LOL-Worthy Video

Let this be a warning to us all: Always accept your dog's affection.

Think again before you ignore your pup's effort at affection, or else you could be facing something like this dog's sassy reaction.

TikTok user peachesnbean captured her dog's hilarious reaction in a video she posted over the weekend. So far, it's gained more than 28.3 million views, which is many.

dog's sassy reaction after their owner ignores his kiss
Courtesy of peachesnbean / TikTok

In the video, our human friend is laying down with her dog, a springer spaniel and Shiba Inu mix, looking over her. The pooch leans down and gives the woman a nice lick on the cheek, which causes the human to recoil.

Well, that wasn't nice. It earns a stern look from the dog, but that's not enough. The Springer Inu (Shiba spaniel?) then smacks their human with one of her paws, more than enough retribution for the spurned kiss. It causes the woman—and us—to burst out laughing.

The video was popular enough to earn a sequel, the same footage with the ever-popular "you're done, you're done" audio accompanying it. That video has almost reached 1 million views.

So let this be a lesson: Nothing less than a response of equal affection will suffice when your dog decides to give you a kiss or cuddle. Otherwise, you might be looking at a swift retaliatory paw or an indoor potty break.

If it gets that far, you'll need a decent apology gift that you can find right here.

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