The pup had been playing on the beach with her owner before she became lost in the hazardous foam.


We’ve written about dog safety tips at the beach before, but we failed to account for the danger of sea foam and how easily a dog can get lost in it. 

Wild, windy weather on Australia's east coast eroded beaches and caused flooding on Monday, but it also initiated the formation of a massive amount of sea foam—which forms when the ocean becomes agitated—on a beach in Gold Coast. 

The foam built up quickly—so much so that it was several feet deep even on the shallow end. That’s when Hazel, a dog who was at the beach with her owner, sprinted into the mass. The pup quickly disappeared under the all-consuming foam. Several people, including a meteorologist there to report on the frothy phenomenon, began searching for her. 

Luckily, it didn’t take too long to find Hazel. Two people scooped her up out of the foam to cheers from the beach’s onlookers. 

“Got to be super careful,” weatherman Paul Burt said in his report. “A dog literally just went into this foam, and they just rescued it. It’s been lost in there for a little bit and she’s finally found this animal.” 

The woman who rescued her—presumably her owner—said, “I’m very happy she’s OK.” Us too! 

Remember, if you’re at the beach with your dog, consider putting your pup on a leash—sea foam or not—it's the best way to keep your pup safe and secure.