It's OK to let your dogs sniff a lemon like Branch does here, but they don't need to eat the citrusy fruit.

This dog reacts to a lemon the way we do when we wake up to realize it is somehow Monday yet again: confused, startled, and willing to bite stuff. 

The dog in question is Branch, the adorable pup with his own TikTok account. In a video posted last month, Branch approaches his owner, who's holding a lemon that has a section sliced off, exposing the zestiness inside. 

Branch, who looks like a boxer mix (maybe?), gives a sniff and then hops back right away before coming back and trying to nip at the fruit. When that doesn't work, he retreats and gives the lemon a little woof, as if to ask, "What the heck are you?"

The video has earned a staggering 26.2 million views since it was posted Aug. 14. It shows Branch definitely doesn't love lemons as much as he enjoys snuggling in his blankets. Thankfully, Branch only sniffs the lemon because the fruit isn't good for dogs. 

According to Purina, the lemons' acidity can cause digestion problems for dogs, so it's not safe for them to eat a lot of the fruit. Plus, as Purina notes, there's not a good reason for dogs to be eating fruit, anyhow. We do, however, get an idea of why Branch acted the way he did. 

dog reacts to lemon
Credit: Courtesy of allaboutbranch / TikTok

"Dogs can taste bitter and they don't like it. While dogs can also taste sour, it's not always a negative. For them, bitter is generally always a negative," Purina Senior Nutritionist Jan Dempsey said on the company's website. 

So, sniffing lemons: OK. Eating lemons: Nope! Stick to these fruits instead.