When french fries are at stake, you never, ever give up.
dog jumps on counter to get fry
Credit: Courtesy of Tristan Maloney / TikTok

Behold: an ultimate tail—get it!?—of perseverance. 

This adorable little black dog, in a video that's been viewed more than 9.9 million times on TikTok as of the writing of this story, jumps up onto a kitchen island over and over again in a very relatable attempt to snag a straggling french fry. It's a dramatic experience—with slow-motion leaps set to Mozart's Requiem in D minor, K. 626—and rewards viewers with some priceless facial expressions, as noted by the video's creator, TikToker Tristan Maloney.

We can only assume this video was captured all in good fun (no one wants a counter-surfer to steal human food off their plates, anyway!), but it's still an entertaining moment that almost anyone who's reached the bottom of the McDonald's bag to happily discover that one final fry that fell out of the box can relate to.

The first two jumps are more for reconnaissance than actually trying to capture the fry. The pooch gets dialed in on their target. The third jump is nearly a winner, and the dog scores a piece of the fry but can't quite keep hold of it on the way down. You can see their expressive eyes as they descend, almost yelling out, "Noooooo!!" 

But with the fry now closer to the end of the counter, the dog snags it easily on the fourth try. The pup is like a majestic whale breaching above the sea—rising up and gobbling that well-deserved french fry like the Olympic high-jump champion they clearly know they are. 

While it's adorable and clearly relatable—who wouldn't go to great lengths for the last fry in the bag—it might not be a great idea to feed your dog french fries no matter how cute they are (or how much they beg). As it turns out, potato products are not the best thing for dogs to eat, unless they're cooked and contain no spices or flavoring. But the high-fat content in fried taters (or anything fried, for that matter) can cause pancreatitis in dogs, a painful, dangerous condition that can make your pooch really sick. We can only imagine this fry was a one-time incident and that our furry black friend here usually sticks to healthy options like specially-formulated dog treats, carrots, or watermelon instead.