Oh no! The bottles! They're broken!

When you capture a great prize, whether it's a fish, trophy, or a good-looking mate, you want to bring it home for all to see. That's probably what Sadie was thinking when she tried to bring a gloriously large stick into her home over the summer. 

It all went rather predictably—but also with enough adorableness to brighten our day. 

Gavin Wurth posted the video Aug. 10 to TikTok. It showed him letting Sadie, who looks to be a German shepherd, into a house while she has a stick longer than she is in her mouth. 

"Don't know how you're going to do that," Wurth says as he opens the door. "Oh you [freaking] did it. Oh [shoot]." 

The swearing—I will reveal here that Wurth used spicier versions of those bracketed words above—starts because Wurth can see Sadie's stick is headed for impact—against a chair and his small bar cabinet. Sure enough, there's a crash as the stick knocks bottles to the floor before it's left suspended over the floor.

dog with big stick trying to get in the front door
Credit: Courtesy of itzwurthit / TikTok

Startled Sadie runs outside. "Yeah, that was a horrible idea," Wurth tells her. (Hey man, you opened the door.)  

More than 5.2 million people have watched the video below. I can't watch it without hearing the now-famous "Oh no! Our table! It's broken!" meme that's making the rounds again. (Mind the NSFW language in the below.) 

We've established that sticks don't belong in the house. But there are alternatives, like starting your own stick library. Or, even better, more toys to chew on instead of sticks. Sadie obviously needs more toys.