The cat probably wasn't Bob's only rescue that night.


Cats and dogs are often placed at odds—though not all the time—but today we have a story of some intra-species help in a time of immense need.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey on Friday, forcing rescuers to scramble and dramatically rescue people and pets trapped under collapsed buildings. Two floors of fallen rubble had trapped one cat under a building for 30 hours in the western province of Izmir, the Hurriyet Daily News reports.

Luckily, Bob the search-and-rescue dog was there. He sniffed out the cat when he was working at the building during the weekend. He alerted the human rescuers, who broke through the walls to extract the cat, the Daily News reports.   

After being rescued, the cat was christened Umut, which means “Hope” in Turkish. Poor Umut was shaking as he was removed and his nails had been torn off when he’d struggled to get out of the debri. 

He was cleaned with a bottle of serum and a person who lives nearby offered to take care of him until his owners could be contacted, the Daily News writes. 

(Umut wasn’t the only pet trapped under a fallen building. This video shows a harrowing rescue of an orange cat in the same region, and the Daily News writes that a rabbit was also saved near Umut.) 

A video from the state-run Anadulo Agency shows the aftermath of Umut’s rescue as searchers and media gather around the cat. Meanwhile, Bob, who looks to be a German shepherd, sat near Umut’s carrier and wagged his tail a bit. 

Good boy, Bob.