The two German shepherds will split their time between Washington D.C. and the Biden home in Delaware.
Jill Biden
Credit: White House/News Pictures/Shutterstock

The boys are back. 

After a little vacation, German shepherds Champ and Major Biden have rejoined their dad, President Joe Biden, in the White House, returning from a temporary stay at the Biden home in Delaware after Major, 3, bit a member of the security team. 

NPR reported that the dogs returned to the mansion on Sunday, but they'll continue to move back and forth between the White House and the Biden home in Delaware.

Major underwent some "remedial training" back in Delaware after he bit the U.S. Secret Service agent. In a Good Morning America interview this month, the president himself said Major had turned a corner and was surprised, causing him to bite the agent. The bite itself was minor, not even breaking the skin. 

Plus, the dogs were headed to Delaware anyway because neither the president nor first lady were going to be at the White House.

As we said before, Major, the first-ever shelter dog to live in the White House, is still probably getting used to his new home, so stressed behavior is no surprise.

"Normal dog behaviors that occur when a dog feels very stressed, nervous, or fearful can look scary when you don't understand the context in which they happen. These behaviors don't say anything about the dog," Daily Paws Health and Behavior Editor Haylee Bergeland, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, RBT, said earlier this month. 

No word on whether Major will again sit down with Oprah