Look at these blobs.

two cats in looking through glass ceiling tile
Credit: @SCMcorocdile on Twitter

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? If you happen to be in this store, you probably are—by cats. 

Twitter user @SCMcrocodile posted a collection of photos on Friday showing his friend’s shop. His buddy had removed the regular panels in the ceiling and replaced them with transparent, window-like material. 

It’s perfect for the store’s cats—who evidently enjoy that Ceiling Life—to take in what’s going on below them. Cats do love sleeping and spending time in high places, after all. They instinctively protect themselves by staying where few can reach them and where they can see nearly everything.

It’s also perfect for us because the cats have activated Blob Mode, giving us humans the rarely seen view from below. Their fur and flattened bellies make them look extra chonky. Seriously, the orange one looks a bit like a sausage with a head, two tiny legs, and a tail. 

From that perch, the cats can also watch you buy the things you don’t want people to know you buy: a single bottle of spray-directly-into-your-mouth whipped cream, hemorrhoid medicine, the $3 box set of reality television DVDs. 

The cats see you. They know.